Stake & Rack Tarps

Alyak 2000 has established itself as a leader in the design, manufacturing and maintenance of truck tarps for the transportation industry.

Rack & Tarps have been an invaluable tool for flatbed truckers since they were first introduced to the market. But remember this: a kit is only as good as the Rack & Tarps that you use with it. Tarps need to be able to withstand highway speeds as well as varying weather conditions, road debris, and the general destructive environment that is flatbed trucking. There are no worries when you purchase from Alyak 2000 Inc. Our side kit replacement tarps are more than capable of withstanding any punishment you dish out.


• 18 oz PVC replacement tarps for any make or model
• Large choice of colors
• Custom-made according to customer needs

Colors: P.V.C. 18 oz (TarpMaster© - Naizil)

Options Available:

• Custom logos can be added (Stenciled/Inked)
• Customize PVC PANTONE color (Minimum quantity required - 18 oz only)
• White PVC skylight
• Addition of high frequency heat sealed PVC reinforcements
• Accessories such as bungies and rope



Please feel free to contact us for more information!

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