Coil Tarps

Alyak 2000 has established itself as a leader in the design, manufacturing and maintenance of truck tarps for the transportation industry.

As a flatbed truck driver, you can cover your coil loads with rectangular or square tarps just as previous generations of truck drivers have done for decades. Or you could join the modern age of trucking and using specialized coil tarps instead. Also known as coil bags, these tarps have been designed from the ground up to provide maximum protection and a perfect fit for coils.

Coil tarps are constructed by connecting a rectangular panel with two rounded panels to create a cylindrical shape. The finished product fits directly over the top of a coil and is then secured in place with bungee straps. Once secured, the tarp offers maximum protection with little excess material left over and no gaps to worry about. A properly deployed coil tarp is the best way to protect coils of aluminum and steel.


• 18 oz (TarpMaster / Naizil)
• Custom-made to a size to meet your load requirements
• PVC assemblies: High-frequency heat-sealing
• Number of rows of eyelets according to customer's request (Assembly: French seam)
• Eyelets Spurs Brass # 3
• A wide range of colors


Colors: P.V.C. 18 oz (TarpMaster© - Naizil)

Options Available:

• Custom logos can be added (Stenciled/Inked)


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