Resin prices and availability, Don’t wait too long to order your tarps!

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The global market of resin, raw materials essential to the production of coated fabrics used for truck and trailer tarps, has been severely disrupted. Since the beginning of the year, global prices for polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) resins have exploded, with increases up to $0.19/lb for PE and $0.17/lb for PP.

At the same time, China and India are currently purchasing all the available resins to produce personnel protection equipment in the current COVID-19 context. Furthermore, the severe winter storm that affected South-Western USA, in particular Texas, affected an estimated 80 to 85% of all US polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) production, Logistics were further disrupted by the complete shutdown of the Port of Houston, rail services, resin warehouses, and highways, restricting movement of goods.

All these events on the global market have forced coated fabric manufacturers to increase their prices, as mentioned by Alex Petizian of Naizil Inc.

“Due to the global shortage of resin, increased prices of plasticizers and market conditions, it has become necessary for Naizil Inc. to increase their pricing come April 1, 2021. Prices for these raw materials are not yet stable in the marketplace and our hope is that supply can realign in the coming months.”

It is better to be safe than sorry! We strongly suggest that our clients take a moment and look at their tarp inventories and foresee what your needs might be in the coming months to avoid any eventual shortage. 

But truck and trailer tarps prices will eventually have to follow the increase of raw material. Alyak 2000 is working closely with Naizil to limit the impact of this price increase and to continue our tarp production during the coming months.

For more information on resin global prices and availability, we invite you to follow the Weekly Resin Report on Plastics Today’s website, at

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