Alyak 2000 truck and trailer tarps: We’re open for business

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 Alyak 2000 truck and trailer tarps: We’re open for business

As goods transportation is seen as more essential than ever in this Coronavirus crises, Alyak 2000 wants to remind its loyal clients that it will continue servicing the trucking industry during this crisis. As a supplier of companies and businesses deemed essential by both the Quebec and Ontario governments, Alyak 2000 maintains its tarp production and repair services, at a reduced capacity.

Mindful of his employees’ safety and health, Bruce Lacasse, general manager of Alyak 2000, has given them the choice to keep working or go home to protect themselves and others against the virus. Many chose the prudent approach and are staying home.

The remaining staff will keep Alyak 2000 up and running, including the new and repaired tarps delivery services. However, in order to reduce the risks of transmission of the COVID-19, Alyak 2000 asks its clientele to drop and pick up tarps directly from the delivery truck. Also, Our drivers will no longer ask that you sign the purchase order, they will simply ask the name of the person who is receiving the delivery and will write it on the purchase order, Alyak 2000 is therefore counting on the good faith of clients for delivery confirmation.

Alyak 2000 tarps are made in Quebec, with 100% Canadian material and components, for the quality of its products as well as the assurance of a safe, low cost and green supply chain.

For any question or to place an order, we invite you to visit our website at, which includes an on-line store, or to call us at 450-821-6090.


Since it first opened its doors in 2009, Alyak 2000 has established itself as a leader in the design, high volume custom manufacturing, and maintenance of truck tarps for the transportation industry. Led by industry veteran, Bruce Lacasse who has over 20 years experience, the team at Alyak 2000 has gone on to master the art of creating truck tarps for some of the largest fleets in eastern Canada. Alyak 2000 uses only top-quality fabrics and materials, the best assembly methods, and cutting-edge technologies. Alyak 2000 is continuously educating and working closely with its clients to meet their needs while exceeding their expectations. This is the key of success for Alyak 2000.