Video: Turner Transport Truck Lines - Rolling CB Interview™

by Christopher E. Fiffie
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Big Rig Video
Big Rig Video

Eric Turner and family were at the 2018 Shell Rotella Super Rigs truck show and there was an opportunity to go out on the road and capture more of Eric's history and trucking experience.

Both he and Stacy share how the company formed, as well as what stepping stones lead up to where Turner Transport Truck Lines is now.

Eric is running a 2015 Peterbilt 389 Fitzgerald glider Detroit 60 series / 650hp with PDI goodies / 18 speed / 80in Ultra sleeper / 3.55 rears / 270in wheelbase with a 2018 Wally-Mo 8 car hauler trailer.

The camera car "Mission Control" started to loose electrical power during the interview and cut the video short. A couple months later Chris had bought a plane ticket to go to Atlanta to complete the video, but the day after the purchase Eric got a load to Florida... So why not shoot in both locations anyway.


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