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Anyone who has spent time over the road will tell you trucking is both a business and a way of life. This is true for both company drivers and owner operators. Jacinda Duran has learned these facts and uses them to her advantage to build her business brand, Jacinda Lady Truck'n.

I met Jacinda at the Louisville truck show. She had a friendly smile and kind words for those around her. She was professional and respectful while still managing to have fun. In short, she was this whirlwind of happy, positive, energy that was contagious.

White line fever apparently is a genetic trait of her family's female lineage.

Jacinda comes from a long line of lady truck drivers. Along with her mother who drove trucks for 23 years, three out of her mother's four sisters were also truck drivers. Practically unheard of for the generation, her grandmother was one of the lady pioneer truck drivers who drove both trucks and buses for 50 years!

After growing up in and around trucks, Jacinda decided to pursue a career in logistics. Her first step into trucking was as a FedEx courier. During this time she also drove limos and party buses on the weekends. Later on, in an effort to expand her knowledge she transitioned from local courier to semi truck driver. Working with a trucking temp agency allowed her the opportunity to drive different types of trucks, varying freight, and gain over-the-road experience. In 2017 a medical oxygen company hired her on full-time hauling oxygen across country.

Jacinda created her company and brand, Jacinda Lady Truck'n, as a positive representation of the trucking industry. She wants to show other lady drivers how to be independent and run a successful business. She presents the reality of being a lady truck driver. That trucking isn't always glamour and adventure. It is learning and opportunity. And most importantly, it is also hard work that is often dirty and sweaty, but worth it.

“I wear many hats.” - Jacinda Lady Truck'n

Trucking requires the ability to multitask, or wear varying hats, even while under pressure. Jacinda believes this is where women drivers can excel. Ladies often have an intuitive ability to successfully multitask. On any given day Jacinda explains she wears the hat of not just truck driver, but also mechanic, business owner, company employee, inspector, mediator, negotiator, marketing expert, maid, chef, accountant, secretary, lumper, navigator, and many more “hats.” Each hat an opportunity to learn. Each hat an addition to her wheelhouse of experience. While her advice is targeted to the ladies behind the wheel, it is certainly pertinent to all drivers, female and male, company and owner operator.

If you want to succeed you cannot be afraid to try new things, to get your hands dirty, and to open yourself up to learning from others. Jacinda says she learns something new about trucking every day, and that's the way she likes it. New experiences keep the road interesting. Learning new things enables her to grow as a person, a driver, and as a business. You are never too old to learn.


“Jacinda is currently pursuing her own authority, and hopes in the future to obtain ownership of her cousin's (Marc Springer) blue Kenworth from Shipping Wars.”

Jacinda Lady Truck'n is already a registered LLC. She's made a name for herself as a professional, dependable trucker. She's an active member of both Women in Trucking and Real Women in Trucking, from which she received and honorable mention in 2018. Most recently she has been added to the Tough Tested brand ambassador team. During the week she passes her time over the road by marketing her business through pictures, videos, and sponsors on various social media outlets, always keeping safety as the highest priority. She has goals of one day not only owning her own truck, but two or three other trucks as a successful small-business trucking company.

“Trucking – you either love it or hate it. There is no in between.” - Jacinda Lady Truck'n

We all know trucking is not for everyone. It is a lifestyle that has tremendous appeal to some and complete disdain from others. Those that truly love the lifestyle do not just excel at their job and expand their business, but they do it all with a smile on their face. It is this passion for trucking that makes Jacinda and those like her stand out and be noticed. When there is no in between you end up giving it all your all. That is a recipe for success.

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~Sierra Sugar


Bruce, Caroline and Jacinda at #MATS2017

Bruce, Marc Springer and Jacinda at #MATS2017