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Alan Goldsby
Alan Goldsby

Meet Alan Goldsby otherwise known as “Chef” to many of his co-workers. While talking to some of his co-workers they also referred to him as the modern-day Carl from the TV show Family Matters. This really intrigued me, and I had to learn more.

Alan’s journey starts many years ago as a young man looking for something to change his life. That change lead him to the United States military. Where he enlisted in the Marine Corp, “that was the best experience of my life”. As he starts talking you can see his face light up and his smile which turns into a big ole Texas grin. “The military taught me respect and discipline two traits that I still live by today”.

After leaving the Marine corps Alan came back home to the city of Detroit. He started off taking a job as a police officer but just couldn’t find happiness within that profession. Afterwards he took a job with the city of Detroit driving truck and operating heavy equipment. When asked why he picked trucking, he gives an answer that makes any person smile. “I have always loved trucks and heavy equipment. I remember as a kid pumping my arm in the air to get those truckers to honk their horn. It was at that point I was hooked.”

He has now been driving for over 43 years in the city of Detroit and the surrounding area. Alan adds “I wouldn’t change it for the world”. Alan now works for PVS Chemicals out of Detroit, MI where he has been for the last 5 years. One of his many job duties include training new drivers for his company. I had the unique opportunity to spend time with Alan as he trained a new driver for his company. It was blaring obvious that training is a true passion him. His down to earth and humble nature makes his trainees feel at ease. As I watched him train it was a pleasant surprise to watch his teaching methods and the way he taught. Which he credits to PVS Chemicals advance training program. “PVS treats me like family and I enjoy getting up and going to work every morning”. He then chuckles and says plus if I leave PVS it will be because I am dead, which his wife later adds because "I’ll kill him if he leaves, it’s a great place to work”.

It is rare to see someone as passionate as Alan, he is an upbeat man with an infectious smile. I should also add who has a heart of gold. Alan and his wife have raised 13 children 5 of whom, which are adopted by Alan and his wife. 13 kids! was the only response I could derive. Alan goes on to explain that they felt it was the right thing to do, which of course I asked him to explain. Here is where the story gets even better. Alan and his wife felt something needed to be done he “There are entirely to many inner-city children who just haven’t been given a chance. That’s why we decided to become foster parents.” Alan and his wife opened there home and have fostered countless children for over 30 years. Eventually adopting five of those children. “We took the worse of worse into our home which happen to be teenage girls at the time. He chokes up just a little then adds “The thing I came to understand was that these children aren’t bad. They just need to be shown a little love. Don’t get me wrong it was very challenging at times. However, in the end it was worth every heartache and sleepless night we had to endure.”

Alan is a shining example of the caliber of men that exist in the trucking industry but are just hidden in plain site. It is men like Alan that have affected changes not only in the transportation industry. He has also affected change in the community as well as countless lives that will forever be change to make this world even better.