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That's right Moooove over. We have another big league hitter this month: Dan Brubaker of Sigourney, Iowa.

If the name rings a bell, that's because he is the son of Ron Brubaker, whom we all know for having some of the Midwest's sharpest show-and-go working class rigs in the 80s and 90s. Today we have Dan showing off his 2014 Peterbilt 389 with all its glory!

It was a beautiful Sunday in March. After an eventful showing at the Mid-America Trucking Show, Dan gave us a special photo op and interview for you, the readers and all of his fans. The black and green jumps off the pages and assaults the mind with class and magnetic attention. You can't stop looking at the accents of black and green in the sharp points of both truck and trailer, hosting custom designed highlights of chrome and stainless steel.

Let's take a closer look at some of these features. First off, the grill of the truck, along with the headlights, visor and windshield inserts, are all painted. In most cases, these items are chromed or polished to a miror finish, but in this case the painted detail dominates and gives you a different perspective of the fine lines of the truck.

Suddenly you are drawn into a blast of chrome with the front bumper, huge breathers, and monster 10'' exhaust. Right under the cab is a set of custom big rig steps, custom made for Dan's master Pete. The 70'' bunk is highlighted with window, 1/4 shades /visors and 8'' skirts underneath, which outlines and hugs the 120-gallon tanks. Between the tanks there is a custom filler light panel with 6'' custom LED lights and a tribal pointed punched cut-out for the drive shaft. This of course flows with the theme of the truck's overall look!

On the backside of the sleeper is the term "All In", meaning "All In, let's ride" or "All In or Nothing At All'. Either way this is the way we roll! The slogan is lined with a row on 6 LED high intesnsity lights which reflect back on the rest of the 280'' wheelbase big rig! The custom deck plate is hinged for the in-frame storage system. Then comes the custom fiberglass fenders, under frame filler panels and a beautifully accented rear bumper, painted and polished to perfectly match the theme of the truck.

Now hold on, we're just getting started with this bad boy. I love this truck and couldn't wait to talk about this 53', 2015 Wilson cattle wagon! Yes sir, I'm a big fan of cattle trailers. SInce that was my first exposure to the trucking world, It's my passion. Now back to Dan's big wagon. It's absolutely loaded; not with cattle (yet), but with custom features. Dan had a vision of being a force to be reckoned, and to become a rolling statement without every saying a word. Well, it worked on me........but I'll try!

On the day of our shoot the truck and trailer were totally polished out and show ready; but this is a woking class truck, so as of Monday, it's back to work. At a glance you notice the custom painted bulk head. The paint travels the length of the trailer, giving that "just the right amount of flavor" to the truck's theme. Next is the tri-axle configuration with custom full fenders on each axle. Is that cool or what? Now the rear of the trailer is done in the green and black striped effect and a tribal cut ICC bar and bumper. There are over 200 lights on the trailer alone. Now, I understand the slogan, you're either all in or all out. With this big rig, can you guess which group I'm in?

Speaking of all in, let's take a look at the interior of this Pete. The interior is done in the same theme as the outside with the black and green paint scheme. All of the custom gauges and switches are important to the operation of this fine ride. Even the twisted gear shift for those 13 gears are an added attraction to an interior layout. Custom tribal floor pedals, custom door panels, header panel, and roof liner are done with extreme detail and care. The truck alone blows your mind with all of its features. But when that big 535-hp Detroit fires up, and the 10'' exhaust bellows the sound of extreme power, it piques one's attention all over again.

Dan mostly hauls pigs, but the trailer is spec'd to haul all livestock. What an awesome way to show up at the stockyard! This has got to be the talk of the town everytime it arrives. Special shouts go out to his kids Leah, Kaleb and Kolten. Great Appreciation is extended to Big Rig Chrome Shop, Fitzgerald Glider Kits, Custom Threadz upholstery shop and Bad Ass Customz for their genius in producing such a masterpiece on wheels. If you are in the Sigourney, Iowa, region of the United States and see a green burst of class fill your windshield, don't be alarmed. Just smile and wave. It's Dan Brubaker and "All In" rolling through. Don't forget now, Moooove over!

We out! EEW Magazine


Kuenn McClinton, the creator of De-Elegant Model Truck Fleet who brought you some of the most realist replicas in the industry for the trucking industry. Now I would like to share some these rigs with you. As a lover of trucks, photography, and design. with all these credits, combined I have the gift of making the world smile.