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Trucking Is Glamorous
Trucking Is Glamorous

Husband and wife team drivers and creators of “Trucking is Glamorous”, Todd and Tamera have been driving since 1994. Most of their career has been spent as team drivers. They've driven everything from general freight to one of a kind antiques. You may actually remember Todd and Tamera from the A&E original, Shipping Wars.

They started dating after meeting in a comedy club in California. At the time both were working two jobs to just barely keep their head's above water. When Todd took a third job working weekends with a trucking company, he began to think that driving was their ticket to freedom from their multiple jobs and financial struggles. It didn't take much convincing for Tamera to agree. They jumped right in and went to driving school together, where they quite literally competed against each other, an action that put them both at the top of the class... together.

He is the man with the plan. She is the free-spirit who enjoys the road. Both are perfectionists in everything they do.

Tamera says that they are equal but opposites. When asked to explain, she states where Todd excels in planning and navigation, she is the better driver, more patient and calm when in congested city traffic.

Todd jumped in and replied, “I'll be the first to tell you she's the better driver, but I'm the better overall trucker”

Tamera, was quick with her playful reply, “He has the better trucker belly.”

Todd laughed and said the belly gives him respect with other truckers. It's easy to see that these two are no ordinary husband and wife team.

Tamera is also quite competitive when it comes to backing, stating she didn't want to be one of “those girls” that would hand the keys to a male driver to do the backing. She prides herself on her ability to back their truck into just about any spot with ease. Todd excels in and enjoys the routing part of the job. His use of various resources to plan their route helps to avoid the stress of rush hour traffic, parking issues, and bad weather just to name a few.

Tiny Living doesn't have to mean big stress.

As team drivers they spend most of their time on the road in a big truck, which we all know isn't very big at all after months of 24/7 togetherness. Todd advises to handle the inevitable conflicts that all couples encounter by working to head it off before it even starts. He explains having the route planned will cut down on outside stresses like traffic and weather goes a long way to avoid taking that stress out on each other. Tamera adds couples need to learn to agree to disagree and let things go. “Pick and choose your battles,” not everything is worth making an issue over. At the end of it all, get out and go have a good dinner. Do something relaxing or fun together. Disagreements happen, but your relationship and love for each other is more important.

Why is Trucking Glamorous?

Todd took a picture of Tamera sitting in their truck while she was wearing sunglasses. Everything about the picture was perfect, glamorous. The idea stuck. They both feel that truck driving, even with all its grit and grime, is a glamorous lifestyle. Their mission is to showcase all the positives that come with driving a truck, both to fellow truck drivers and to the the general public. They want to help others feel the same way about this life they love, that it truly is a fun, glamorous lifestyle.

Attitude is the only thing you have control of in life.

It's hard to see anything as glamorous if your attitude is one of frustration fueled by stress. They encourage drivers to choose to look at things in a way that doesn't bring you down, find the silver lining. Even if that silver lining is something small, focus on that instead of the negatives. You can't control every situation, but you can control your attitude.

Sometimes it's as easy as simplifying your expectations. Don't come into the trucking industry expecting to make millions, or to have tons of free time. Like any other job, it is a job with many hours and requirements. Truck driving may be “a job,” but it is also a lifestyle that, if you approach with a positive attitude, can be extremely fulfilling and enjoyable. Get up and face the day with a positive attitude. Take care of yourself. Eat healthy. Even something as little as dressing in clean, comfortable but professional clothes each day can go a long way to improving your attitude.

Live Life to the Fullest.

Maybe you don't have time every day to go see those things you pass on the road. Don't take a bad attitude about your lack of free time. Instead, enjoy the sights as you pass them. Remember many people never get to see anything beyond their own home town. Todd enjoys studying various type of architecture he sees as they cross the country. He can't always get out to explore it, but he enjoys the views from the truck windows. It gives him hours of enjoyable things to think about other than letting aggravation build over a slow truck in front of him.

They both say to focus on times when you have a day where there is extra time to get out of the truck. Use your 34 to see something new. That's where route planning comes in handy. Plan time for something fun. Get out and explore when you can, even if it's only once a month.

Todd and Tamera, husband and wife, team truck drivers, and creators of Trucking is Glamorous, encourage everyone to not let life go by without experiencing it. Do crazy off the wall things. Have no regrets. Make memories. Do your dreams! The fresh air and change in scenery will decrease your overall stress and make time on the road more enjoyable. Adopt a positive attitude and allow your trucking career to be glamorous.