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Reno Ward
Reno Ward

Who is Reno Ward? At first glance he seems to be the all-American guy. Growing up in Big Sky country, Reno played football and now loves skiing, hunting and fishing. He is a self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie who owns his own drag car and loves to take it racing. His love for fast, big and dangerous started at a young age. His earliest memories in fact, are from the passenger seat of a big truck with his dad, hauling logs through the Montana winters.

A light bulb may have just come on for some of you. Reno is the son of Ice Road Trucker, Darrell Ward. Reno was even featured in the most recent season of IRT. Some pretty big shoes to fill? While Reno may have fallen into his dad's footsteps, he is definitely taking his own path.

He's driven.

Reno is carving his own path through this world, and his merits stand on their own. He's already obtained his Bachelor's Degree in Business from the University of Montana, and plans to complete his MBA in the next two years. While he's out on the road he often passes the miles listening to audio books on business. This young man has some serious goals and no doubt he will achieve them.

Reno says he loves a good challenge!

Life on the road always has challenges. Spending most of his 23 years in and around semi trucks, in bad weather, on terrible roads, Reno's already seen, lived, and solved more challenges than many people twice his age. So now he's up for new challenges, those on the business end of trucking. He says he'd like to get into consulting with some of the bigger companies, and to ultimately try to make things better for all drivers; from the small independent owner-operator all the way up to large fleets. If anyone can do it, this impressive young man certainly can!

He doesn't mind getting his hands dirty.

Recently, on a trip with Bob Stanton, one of the truck prototype engines was having a problem. Three top engineers couldn't locate said problem. Stepping up, Reno asked if he could look at the engine. Within minutes he had it diagnosed, and then spent the rest of the night fixing it for them. Talk about all in! He says it's just the way it is supposed to be done. If you're going to drive a semi, you better know how to work on it. There's no tow truck or shop out in the middle of the Montana woods in the dead of winter!

Giving back is important.

Reno goes on to state that it is important to him to clean up the image of the trucking industry, as well as to help charities such as the Special Olympics and finding a cure for Cancer. In fact, after the tragic death of his father, Reno stepped up to drive as Marshall for the “Special Olympics Nova Scotia” charity convoy. He also participated in the Tenley Charity Convoy, and was part of “Trucking for a Cure” in Montreal with Diesel Spec. School, work, charity... It has been a busy year so far for Reno. Despite his busy schedule, he says he plans to continue to volunteer his time for various charitable events, helping to give back to the those in need while raising awareness of and in the trucking industry.

Full-time student, active truck driver, and philanthropist, Reno doesn't let anything slow him down!

Expect to see Reno as a big player in the trucking arena, especially in the areas of business management, development, and advocacy. This gifted young man has a good head on his shoulders, a clear view of what he wants to make of his future, and the drive to make it happen.