Repairing Truck Tarps Is A True Art !!

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Choosing a quality fabric is important for its longer lifespan. A fabric that is designed with resistant materials and assembled by heat sealing will last longer. But as with anything, a truck tarp inevitably needs repairs during its useful life.

Tears due to improper installation, impact or sharp objects, truck tarps will certainly take a beating.

How can you make sure that repair will prolong the life of the truck tarp at a reasonable cost? Simple: do business with a truck tarp manufacturing professional!

The first mistake to avoid? Attempting to repair the truck tarp yourself with Duck Tape. Even for temporary repairs, the tape glue will be more difficult to remove completely. Also the thinner needed to remove tape adhesive will damage the vinyl of the truck tarp.. There are temporary repair kits with less aggressive PVC glue for truck tarps, which makes it possible to complete the journey without damaging it further. They are of course more expensive than a piece of Duck Tape, but will save you a lot more by preserving your truck tarp. Keep it in your toolbox!

For permanent repairs, it is important to use a piece of coated fabric of good quality. The better the quality, the more durable the repair will be. At Alyak 2000, the fabric used for the repairs of your truck tarps is made of the same material as for the making of all our truck tarps: Nazil Tarpmaster. Recognized for its durability, waterproofing and flexibility, Tarpmaster from Naizil also offers superior adhesion with thermofusion or heat sealing.

Second important point: the examination of your truck tarp. In addition to a visual examination to determine whether the tarp is worth repairing, Alyak 2000 carries out a thorough examination on a light table to detect all small holes that are difficult to see.

Once the extent of the damage has been identified, the repair process may begin. Alyak 2000 uses the latest heat-sealing techniques, using the Leister Triac Swiss Thermal Gun. The repair is done on the underside of the truck tarp , to reduce the visual impact and preserve the aesthetics of the tarp. The fabric and the tarp are heated to create a fusion almost as strong as the thermal fusion used for the fabrication of out truck tarp assembly process.

Alyak 2000 uses pre-cut fabric P.V.C. patches to reduce the repair time needed by almost 30% compared to our competitors. These pre-cut fabric patches with rounded corners also reduce the risk of separation, compared to square pieces with corners, which tend to rise and lift off. Finally, special care is taken to the edges of the piece to ensure the best possible heated adhesion., special care is taken to the edges of the piece, to ensure the best possible heated adhesion.

It is the experience of Alyak 2000 in the repair of tarps that led the company to develop all its expertise in the making of your truck tarps. And it is by repairing these tarps made of low quality fabrics and assembled with unreliable processes that Alyak 2000 came to the conclusion that it was far better to invest in high-quality fabrics assembled according to the best practices.

So, for your repairs of truck tarps, who better than an expert? In addition, Alyak 2000 offers the collection and delivery of your truck tarps, from Kingston Ontario to Quebec City.